Special Jumbo Perch Jig.

Posted on February 13th, 2016

I know a lot of you like to ice fish for jumbo perch and you either use live minnows, Jigging Rapalas, or jigs/plastic grubs.


Here is an interesting jig that you can easily make using a mix of fly-tying beads and heads. As many of you know, perch are very curious fish that can be attracted to a hole by using a “thumper” (dropping  a heavy weight on a line to “thump” the bottom creating a silt-cloud). Well this jig-rig clacks and makes noise as you jig it. When a fish comes close, it hits the plastic grub or small live minnow that is on the small treble.  With cold weather moving in again here’s your chance to test it out!

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