Spanish Mackerel on the Florida flats.

Posted on April 28th, 2017

I love to fish the shallow saltwater flats in southwest Florida. Most of the time we target Redfish, Snook, & Spotted  Sea Trout, but every once and a while we get surprises.


Just the other day we were fishing for Sea Trout in 2-4′ of water casting minnow imitating lures and Lunker City Shakers on 1/4 oz. jigheads when I hooked up on a fish that went crazy. It ended up being a chunky Spanish Mackerel that was searching the shallows to feed.


We have caught Spanish Mackerel as far out as 60′ depths and as shallow as 2′. It’s an excellent fighting and eating fish, just beware of their deadly teeth!

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