Southwest Florida spotted sea trout.

Posted on December 16th, 2015

A really fun fish to catch in the inter-coastal system & saltwater bays of southwest Florida is the spotted sea trout. These fish are not really a trout, but part of the Weakfish family. None the less, they do look like a trout with bright colors and spots and they love to feed in the channels and especially on the flats.


I was out fishing with Tom Mohr who snapped the above picture and we were fortunate to catch at least one limit of eating-size trout!

One of the “coolest” ways of catching them is to either wade out onto a flat until you get to water that is 2-4′ deep and cast for them with spoons or jigs/plastic grubs, or use your boat to fish the many sandbars that extend out from from channels. You can simply beach your boat and start wading the edges of the drop-offs. Spotted sea trout are schooling fish and they especially like to feed when there is a moving tide.

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