Southwest Florida Gulf Passes Bluefish Action.

Posted on December 25th, 2016

Many saltwater fish are migratory and follow tides, currents and their favorite food for many miles. One of these includes the Bluefish that is commonly caught off the North American eastern seaboard and as far south of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

057A4816 barb_blue

On a recent outing with my wife Barbara we were testing a new underwater camera to capture live fish strikes and fights and found a school of Bluefish that were feeding just inside a Gulf Pass. Tide was high and the Bluefih had made their way into the inter-coastal in water less than 10′ deep.

057A4814 blue

Trolling spoons at 4-5 mph that run about 2′ below the surface is one of the best presentations to catch these fish. These fish are not huge and average 2-5 lb., but they hit hard, fight well and taste great!

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