Southwest Florida Bluefish Action.

Posted on December 9th, 2016

I just had the pleasure of fishing Florida’s saltwater with JR Paquette, the inventor of Bait2Go and his wife Christine. They only had a day to fish with me but we made the most of it.


Our original plan was to head out 10-20 miles in the Gulf of Mexico for a variety of bottom fish, but plans quickly changed as we neared the Pass that leads into the Gulf and spotted porpoises feeding on bluefish.


We intermediately started flat-line trolling 3-4″ spoons at 4-5 mph 100′ behind the boat and immediately started hooking up. This was Christine’s first experience catching these strong fighting saltwater fish that hit hard and just don’t give up.  She did great and the fishing was so hot they even landed several double-headers.


Fresh caught Bluefish are excellent eating grilled as fillets on a grill-mat and seasoned with your favorite dry rub.

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