Southern Ontario spring carp.

Posted on April 22nd, 2017

.As most steelhead have already made their runs up to spawning grounds in southern Ontario Great Lakes tributaries many anglers are waiting for the regular trout season to open. Some have been targeting panfish, other coarse fish like suckers, carp and catfish.


Lucas Gagnon has been waiting patiently for trout opener, but also taking advantage of some trophy spring carp fishing.


The best time to fish for carp is when they are NOT spawning. When they start their spawn and it’s common to hear the carp commotion in shallow water they are more interested in spawning than feeding.


So pre-spaen and post-spawn carp are the best to target and Lucas has been focusing on pre-spawn carp. Carp can be accidentally caught fishing on bottom with worms while fishing for other species, but if you want to target them fishing sweet corn kernels, Carp Zoom prepared carp bait, and dough baits work best.

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