Southern Ontario Conservation Area Fishing Update.

Posted on June 8th, 2009

gabor_horvat_graphicGabor Horvat reports: Taking advantage of the great weather this weekend, I took the time to check-out a few of South Ontario’s conservation areas that offer fishing opportunities. The first thing I observed was that the water was very clear.  I expected the visibility in the water to be 4-5 feet, but to my surprise it was about 8-10 feet.  The surprise was even bigger when I was looking for the usual weedlines, and they had not come up yet.  All I found was the dead weeds from last year, and they did not hold any fish.  Another conservation area had a little better water conditions.  The water was clear, but only 5-6 feet visibility.  I had some pike follows, but they were not too aggressive. I landed one (picture attached), small pike.  I’m guessing that because the winter was so long, and we have had cold temperatures through this spring, the vegetation growth is delayed. It was interesting to hear and look lots of carp going about their spawning activities.

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