Southern “grunting” this winter in Florida.

Posted on January 8th, 2016

If you are planning a winter get-a-way to southwest Florida you can capitalize on the excellent off-shore grunt-fishing it has to offer.


Grunts are plentiful and open all year to anglers. They are also excellent eating having a firm, white meat that is especially tasty if deep-fired. Small grunts don’t offer much meat, but when you catch them over 2 lb., you can get some really nice fillets off them. Best way to catch them is to use a “sliding-sinker” rig with a 2-1/0 size baithook and a 12-16″ Fluorocarbon leader. Best bait, either a fresh shrimp, chunk of squid, or chunk of squirrel fish (sand-trout).

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