South Thompson River, BC Squawfish.

Posted on April 20th, 2015

bc_squawfishOur good friends Donna & Glenn who are original from Ontario & have moved to BC sent the following email. “As always we are enjoying watching your fishing show & seeing the posts on F/B! Today we went back to fish the South Thompson River. A few weeks ago we caught two beautiful Rainbow Trout……..today we caught two of these fish in the pic & we think they are longnose suckers but not sure & we did catch a carp. What do you think this kind of fish is?” God bless Donna & Glenn

south_thompsonriver_bcGlen & Donna, that is a Squawfish. They are common in BC and inhabit both lakes and river. They are agressive and will take flies, lures and bait. They part of the minnow family, they can get pretty big, they have lot’s of bones, but many people consider them a delicacy smokes!…God bless you, Italo


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