Soft-plastics for opening day Steelhead.

Posted on April 21st, 2022
Opening day Steelhead
The Hellion from True North are soft, life-like and produce a tantalizing action trout can’t resist.

I do most of my Great Lakes tributary Steelhead fishing from Oct-March of the following year. I really like to catch fresh-run fish when they start running after ice break-up. Many anglers though really look forward to the regular trout season opener to fish for pre-spawn, spawning & post-spawn Steelhead.

Opening day Steelhead
3″ soft-plastic worms from True North hooked in the middle (wacky-style), wiggle and wobble with the current enticing trout to strike.

While trout roe-bags are the go-to bait to drift fish, if the water is clear and water temps warmer, Steelhead can shy away from roe bags once the skies get bright. That’s a good time to switch to imitation grubs, single eggs and small soft-plastic worms.

These are fished on the same small hook, shot set-up and float used for roe bags just off the bottom.

True North Bait Company offers an excellent selection of trout soft-plastics that can really up your chances of catching clear water trout.

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