Snooking not snorkeling in Florida.

Posted on April 3rd, 2019

One of the most popular saltwater gamefish to target in Florida’s coastal waters is the Snook. This fish has the shape of our walleye, but is silver/white in color and displays a prominent lateral line down the side. Unlike the Walleye it lacks teeth and has a very smooth mouth.

These fish are ideal to catch on live baitfish, shrimp and also on a variety of artificial lures. Connor Grdosic has been enjoying his Florida vacations and catching & releaseing some decent size Snook.

I love to target them in shallower water on the flats, along the mangroves and also around pier and bridge pilings. My favorite technique is to swim and jig a Lunker City Shaker just off the bottom.

Snook have big mouths designed to “inhale” unsuspecting baitfish, shrimp & crabs.

While Snook can do most of their feeding at night, if you cast close to one in the daytime they won’t think twice of hitting a well presented soft-plastic on a jighead. Snook also love to hit top-water lures and one of my favorite is the Rapala Skitter Walk in a bright silver color.

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