Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert, BC fishing update.

Posted on October 25th, 2011

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[singlepic id=2764 w=320 h=240 float=]Noel Gyger reports.  Skeena River: Water height has really come up over the last couple of days but Steelhead and Coho fishing remains good. See new height chart below. The high was coming from the Bulkley and Kispiox River plus some smaller inflow creeks. Reg: all wild Steelhead everywhere in British Columbia are catch and release

Kalum River: Both the lower and upper sections are in fishable shape. The lake is still stained with a little colour. It has been cleaning a little bit each day.

Lakelse River: The water is dropping and very clean. Coho are coming in now but NOT in huge numbers. This is “prime-time” for Coho but the fish just are not there in any good numbers.

Zymoetz (Copper) River: Water is in very good shape. Steelhead fishing is outstanding. I have many reports of good catches. Facts: Last year we had a record run of Steelhead, let’s hope at least we have another good run this year. The fly rods work extremely well in this river.

Kitimat River: Kitimat River has dropped and is in good shape. The main run is over, so anglers must target holding fish. The challenge will be to figure out the best times and tackle to catch them. Best time: Early mornings and evenings are usually the best times. Best tackle: spoons, hot shots, jigs, spinners, float-fishing or bottom-bouncing roe are some of the most effective methods but on any given day one, none or all may work. BTW – fly fishing works also. Coho fishing in this very low, clear water is a challenge. The expectations for the Kitimat River in the coming weeks will be “Big Water” as we can expect our typical fall rain and “Big Coho” as we expect to see more and more of what we locals call the “Northerns”. We can also expect to see some Coho starting to change to their spawning colours but we can expect to see some silver that the Coho Salmon are known for.

Kasiks River: Is very low making it difficult to travel very far up river by jet boat.  The rain we had today should bring up the water levels.  Fair numbers of Coho are in the river now but most have been pushed to the very top pools due the heavy rains we had last week. This is the first river to go out of shape from rain but is the first river to come back into shape once the rain stops. Sometimes, when the rain stops you can see the river cleaning right in front of you. Tip: Don’t fish for them unless you see them rolling.

Exchamsiks River: Water in good shape but the Coho are very high up in the system. Just about impossible to reach them now with jet boat.  Heli may be the only way now.

Exstew River: is clean Coho are coming in. How to: This is one of the best rivers in the world to fly fish for Coho…but first conditions must be perfect. This river is usually colored up and fishing is not that good. Timing is everything. Time to go now before the water colours up.

Douglas Channel: NOTICE: DFO closes recreational halibut fishery as of Sept. 5. The Douglas Channel is still producing some Coho but it is a situation of being in the right place at the right time. Most of the Coho will be migrating to their spawning rivers but can still be caught by the Saltwater anglers. We also received reports of Bottomfish still being caught further down the Douglas Channel. Weather conditions will start to be more of a factor but fishing for Coho and Bottomfish in the Douglas Channel can still be very productive. Dungeness Crab trapping this time of year is usually very good as the Crab are stacking up at the river/creek mouths expecting a feed of dead spawned out salmon.


Prince Rupert: Coho fishing winding up in the ocean and fall is upon us, there are still lots of opportunities to take advantage of the superb prawning and crabbing that is available right in the Prince Rupert Harbour. So don’t put that gear away just yet. While you wait for your traps to fill up try your hand at Trolling for the Residential Winter Chinook that frequent our waters.

Lakes – Smithers: Lake fishing in the area is still very good. Fishing for rainbow trout and lake trout has been very productive.

Morice River: Again, great water conditions. Maybe a touch high for this time of year. Fish being caught through out the system.

Bulkley River: The Bulkley River is in great shape for clarity and water height. Best water conditions since early September.

Kispiox River:  The Kispiox blew out due to warm weather and snow melt. Should be fishing good in a day or two depending on weather conditions.

Babine River: Babine is dropping bit by bit. Cohos and Steelhead are being caught

Babine Lake: Babine Lake is still producing lots of fish. The limit has been increased to 4 fish on the lake.

If you would like to book a guided fishing trip with Norl, you can contact him at, www.noelgyger.ca .

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