Small Tributary Winter Steelhead.

Posted on December 23rd, 2020

Many Steelheaders are keeping their eye on the weather and looking for mild-breaks inbetween snow-fall and freezing temperatures. Many are taking advantage of fresh run-off and silver Steelhead running up many of our Great Lakes tributaries.

Simeon Kubassek has chosen to fish the smaller tributaries that have low water and waits until the conditions are right and fresh fish run up. Smaller tributaries don’t have as many deeper pools or runs, and that can work in the Steelheaders favor if there is little competition from other anglers and you know the key pools any fresh fish will hold in.

Being on the “spot” early, approaching carefully, rigging light terminal tackle/float and making a good presentation with either fresh salmon or steelhead roe bags to holding steelhead usually produces a take on the 1st or 2nd drift!

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