Small stream trout, big adventure.

Posted on June 22nd, 2017

I grew up being a “river-rat” exploring some of the thickest bush and smallest stream in search of trout. I remember having to watch out for poison ivy and using mosquito and black fly protection….all part of the adventure. My gear, an ultralight rod and ready to use small garden worms and tiny lures to catch any size trout.


Looks like Connor Grdosic has the same passion and stream-adventure. This trout may be small, but it’s colorful & put up a great fight for it’s size.


Brown trout can be tough to catch when the water is low and clear, best to fish for them after a rain when water is a little high and murky. Make sure to cast and drift to all the tough to get places like under overhanging banks, log-jams and submersed tree roots.


Brook trout are the most colorful and often will feed out in the open. Caution has to be taken not to spook and Brookies holding in open-water as you approach. Remember to keep a low profile and let your bait/lure go downstream so as not to spook trout.

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