Small stream resident Brown Trout.

Posted on May 13th, 2019

This weeks feature image shows Puneet Saini with a resident northern India brown trout. Does not matter where you fish for these beatiful fish, the same lures and presentations work well.

For example the streams in northern India are rocky, fast flowing and cold. Puneet fishes small Rapala Countdown lures in sizes 1-2, small Vibrax spinners and also small 1/8 oz spoons. When the water is low, like in the spring before snow starts to melt off the mountains, he also fly fishes but once the streams start to get murky from run-off, artificials works best. Casting lures across the stream and fishing them at 45-degrees until the current sweeps them down-stream to holding fish is one of the best presentations to fool holding Brown trout into striking.

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