Small jigs and jig-flies for winter steelhead.

Posted on February 4th, 2017


With air temperatures hovering just above freezing during the day and a couple of weeks of mild weather many steelheaders have been taking advantage of open-water stretches of Lake Ontario tributaries that have an “all-year” open season. Frank Roy sent us the above image of a steelhead he recently caught using the R-Type Trigger drift outfit and fly.


Richard Somerville, above smiles as he holds up beautiful winter male steelhead that hit a jig!  While most anglers are fishing roe bags, I have heard from several steelheaders that have been doing well drifting small jigs and jig-flies under their float. Sometimes the steelhead hit the jig being “dead-drifted”, other times they hit the jig-fly as it’s gently being “jigged” through the water column. Next time you are out, make sure to have a selection of small 1/16 oz. jigs and jig-flies, you may be surprised at the results.

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