Slimers Wet “Inorganic Flesh” baits that are “Chum Juicy”

Posted on July 20th, 2009

Slimers – Wet “Inorganic Flesh” baits that are “Chum Juicy” ( Check out the following Canadian Sportfishing TV Series episode – as Italo drift fishes for Trout on the Niagara River, using Slimers – https://www.canadian-sportfishing.com/VideoCate.aspx?cateid=47 ) Looking to purchase Slimers product offerings for your own personal use or for re-sale purposes please contact www.slimers.ca

Slimers are basically Inorganic Flesh and consist in their swollen fishing state of 90% plus of salty tasty solutions. We refer to them as “Chum Juicy”.

They are manufactured and cast at approximately 44 mils, and at that time are 25% solids to liquid over a Skeletal Membrane the consistency of hair. At this or any other point they could be dried out to a “ribbon” and shipped anywhere in the world at a low freight cost and then rehydrated as required; or as is our standard procedure, swollen from the manufacture point to five times their original weight homogeneously with proprietary Salted Liquids. Any attractants may be added at this time and these will disperse throughout the soft body of this Wet Bait. Dyeing is also an option at any time.

Additional attractants or dyes may be added by the fisherman to the surface of this bait with oil-based products or totally throughout with water based additives. This would be relative to the packing of Tuna in water versus oil. We advise testing for what we call “shelf life” as adding proteins to water may in the long run act as a “petri dish”. We also suggest as with live bait not introducing this bait back into its’ original container after it has been fished, it might grow “stuff”!

The bait is Slimy and totally unstructured and because of its’ weight of water, it is easy to cast. We purposely keep it as flexible as the baits of nature; thus, hooking the bait requires a little experience – in most cases, we recommend hooking twice through the bait with any hook. We suggest the Texas style with a circle hook. This will ultimately have a spoon like effect to the front of the bait, creating extra action.

It may not be completely weedless. If weedless is required, we suggest a weedless hook or jig, or we suggest our W.F.D (Weedless Floatation Device). With this device you can create a weedless presentation with any live or artificial offering; it makes every hook a lure. It will create a floating hook for improved Carolina or Lindy rigging; a great method for “sack” fishing for Steelhead or a surface presentation for Bass. The salt water rigging possibilities are unlimited.

Our Wet Body unstructured baits will hang like live bait with legs and/or tails dropping down toward the fish. They move even when not being drawn through the water. They don’t have that “stiff pencil” appearance of plastic baits. Our baits don’t require cycle tails to create flex like plastic does. The whole body of our baits wriggle and slither through the water.

Overall, there is one word consistently used to describe every live bait from nature (frogs, eels, leeches, fish, snakes). That word is Slimy. That’s why we called our bait Slimers.

If you asked anyone to describe every other artificial lure, the first word they would use is just plastic. They have done a great job over the years trying to make their baits softer and more flexible but they can never reach the texture of flesh that is inherent in our process.

Slimers have the technology of baits to come. We are just beginning. Our baits are already outperforming live baits and are easy replacements for plastic or pork enhancements of jigs and spinners.

Rubber or plastic cannot contend with the touch, sight and movements of these Slimy, Inorganic, Wet Flesh Baits. Fish do not let them go. The addition of attractants is easy and makes them even more irresistible. “Fish Like ‘Em”.

Frogs, craw, trailers, all worm and leech sizes 2.5″ to 10″, plus our addition ice and pan fish series. Perfect for Bass, Small, Large, Stripers, Trout, Steelhead, Panfish and an absolute must for any salt variety.


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