Slimers Inorganic Bait is the closest thing to real-bait!

Posted on September 29th, 2009

cs23_20_slimersI have use a gazillion soft-baits over the last 39 yrs., but I have to admit the Slimers is the most realistic I have ever used.  I’m a firm believer that if a lure is to be tested properly, you have to do it for a variety of fish, and under very different conditions.  If it does constantly produce fish, than it’s a winner.  The first time I have a chance to fish with Slimers, I planned to do a migratory rainbow trout drift-fishing show on the Lower Niagara in the middle of winter when the water temperatures are near freezing and the air temperature is below freezing.  As you know, trout have keen senses, especially in clear water and the day I chose to fish Slimers, the water was indeed clear.  Well, Slimers not only produced all the fish I need to do a TV show in a matter of hours, it also produced a trophy male rainbow trout in the 15 lb. range.

The next opportunity I had to test Slimers was for smallmouth bass in Lake Erie.  Again I decided to do a TV show fishing for post-spawn smallmouth bass, again in clear water that was about 65F.  Bass love Slimers and I caught all of the fish I needed to to the TV show in about 3hrs.  If you like to fish soft-baits, especially in clear water, whether it’s for warm or cold water fish, I would really encourage you to try www.slimers.ca , you will catch fish!!

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