Slick braid/fluorocarbon connection.

Posted on June 25th, 2016

I really enjoy the benefits of fishing Sufix832 braid for a variety of fresh & saltwater fish, especially when I need to make long casts, when I need maximum feel from my lure, and I look for the best hook-sets….braid provides it all.

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In many clear-water situations I know that addiing a Sufix Fluorocarbon leader for at least the first 2ft is my “insurance” for the fish I’m targettingto zero-in on my lure, not my line. While many anglers use a double uni-knot to make their connection with fluorocarbon leader material under 15 lb. to their braid, I prefer to use the Blook Knot. I find that if tied and tightened properly it will not slip, you can trim the tags extremely close to the knot, and it is the lowest profile going through the water (and tip guide) with ease!

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