Skinny Water Salmon on Lake Ontario

Posted on September 21st, 2013

I had a friend Dean out for staging salmon yesterday, as we decided to stay local with impeding thunderstorms. Despite challenges at first, we eventually found them and did well. We started off a bit deeper and worked key staging areas. Despite beating the water to a froth and marking nice hooks on sonar, we didn’t get a bite in the first few hours! We moved around a bit shallower, deeper, changing lure presentations to no avail. A drastic change would be needed to get the monkey off our backs.

I briefly thought about heading deeper to the blue zone, but decided to stay close to shore with the threatening thunderstorms. I decided to do something drastic that would either register us a skunk or have us boating kings. It would be a last ditch effort that would see me fish new water. It paid off in spades!

We traveled down the shoreline and headed for skinny water. Really skinny water. We stretched our lines back 50- to 60-feet behind the canon ball and didn’t put our lines down far. 15 feet near the bottom at most. I had smaller spoons on with hopes that if we didn’t find kings, we would tag brown trout or rainbows. We had tried a variety of various lures at this point, but 4″ spoons all of a sudden lit them up when we were literally a stone’s throw from shore. We even got a double header! After an hour of catching fish, they shut down completely in the skinny water on spoons.

Scratching our heads, I threw on a flasher and fly, stretched it back behind the ball even further and wham! I changed up the other spoon for a similar flasher and fly and it took shots. We ended the day very happy with 10 salmon in 2 hours after catching nothing in the first three hours!

The kings are still mulling around creek and river mouths. They are even on shoreline that one would not expect them to be apparently! I will definitely be exploring new water in future years in odd spots. We had the entire area to ourselves for miles with lots of kings. They were active and jumping all over in the skinny water.

There isn’t much time left for staging lake salmon, so get out and give them a go!

We used Rapala North Coast mooching reels loaded with 20lb Sufix Seige line on RType downrigging rods.

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