Single-egg Steelhead strategies.

Posted on April 5th, 2019

My favorite time off the year to target steelhead is late winter and early spring. I love to intercept fresh-run fish as they start their migration through the lower section of Great Lakes tributaries right after the ice blows-out and for the weeks that follow. This spring we have had mild days, but cold nights which have kept the steelhead in the lower sections of the tributaries longer.

While many steelheaders start by fishing roe bags, more and more are discovering the fishing single egg and small cluster imitations can produce as many or even more fish.

The advantage is the size and colot combinations you can use to match any water conditions. If you’re a steelheader you know that the color & size of your offering is very important.

ClearDrift offers all of the sizes and color in both single soft-eggs and clusters you can need. I would strongly encourage you to check out their selection.

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