Simeon Kubassek Florida fishing.

Posted on April 8th, 2016

Our good friend Simeon Kubassek had a chance to visit Florida to do some fishing. Like many Canadians visiting Florida they may not know exactly what to use or how to fish to catch a variety of fish, especially off piers, docks and from a boat in the inter-coastal waterway.


As Simeon discovered all you need is a medium-action spinning rod loaded with 10-20 lb. test (Sufix832 braid works great), and fish a live shrimp.


Ladyfish are one of the most common schooling fish that feed in the shallows, on the flats and even in the channels of the inter-coastal waterways. They may not be big, but they act like a tarpon usually jumping many times right after they are hooked.


Rays are also common feeding in the same shallow areas and often take a live shrimp. Caution in handling, they have a barbed spine where the tail connects to the body that can inflict a nasty wound if you are not careful!


Pompano are a prized fish by shallow-water anglers that enjoy eating fish. They fight hard, take live shrimp well and are exceptionally good eating! If you are planning on taking a holiday in Florida, you may want to take your rod and just fish shrimp anywhere in the inter-coastal waterway.

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