Silver like fresh-run Steelhead!!

Posted on October 29th, 2016

My favorite times to fish for steelhead is either fall or winter when many steelhead are fresh-run. They take artificial and drift presentations well and they fight like stink!


Matt Cory of TopSet Fishing knows what that’s all about and shows-off some “chromers” he and his buddies caught recently.


Fresh-run steelhead like to hold in fast water runs which can make for tricky drifting having to adjust float size, split-shot size and spacing to get the best presentation.


This is the time to take advantage of a drift-fishing outfit to get the best presentation to these silver steelhead. Remember, if the water is discolored, go with a large, bright color roe bag. On the other hand if the water is clear, down-size your hook/leader and go with smaller, natural color roe bags.

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