Shoreline Pike strategies.

Posted on July 30th, 2016

Some anglers that either don’t have a boat or that want a change from boat fishing often find isolated shore-fishing spots that many anglers overlook.

IMG_20160614_140720 pike

Matt Corey of Topset Sport Fishing , loves to alternate between the two and often fishes smaller reservoirs and especially tributaries in the summer time that are very accessible by just walking or wading and casting artificial lures for a variety of fish. You might be surprised at the size of pike that can venture up a tributary and feed in deeper runs and pools throughout  the summer time before returning to the Great Lakes in the fall.


Depending on the water depth and amount of weeds in these rivers, you can fish anything  from a topwater lure like a weedless frog or spoon, to Vibrax Spinners, spinnerbaits, Rapala  lures and Lunker City plastic swim-baits. If you do find a pool or run that is holding a pike, you usually get a strike right away. By the way, good idea to use at least a heavier fluorocarbon leader!

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