Shallow structure Walleye.

Posted on September 7th, 2017

I love to try and figure out Walleye migrations throughout the seasons. Late summer is one of my favorite times to try and intercept them as they start to move onto shallower structure earlier and earlier in the day. Then, as fall rolls around and water temperatures really drop, they make even shallower migrations, but at night!


On a recent TV shoot to Ritchie’s End of Trail about 7 hrs. north of the GTA we had a blast catching walleye all day long using crankbiats and soft-plastic grubs/jigs in water 5-16′ deep. Even in the middle of hot air temperature and bright sunny conditions with calm surface water, walleye would move in from the main lake and feed right on the edges of the shallower structure. We did have to slow-down our presentation and one of the most productive lures was “shaking” the Lunker City Fin-S Fish along the bottom and having walleye pick it up ever so lightly. Each evening the walleye would move right onto that shallow structure and that’s when we would catch them on shallow-running crankbaits.

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