Shades of the rainbow.

Posted on March 15th, 2017

Our southern Ontario weather is coming at us as curve-balls. One week we have temps. over 10C, the next week temps. -10C, or more??? It’s kind of like fishing, becoming more and more unpredictable.


Not so long ago we had cold winters with lots of snow and ice and ice-out sometimes in March. This year our tributaries have been late to freeze, then open, than freeze, and so on?? The steelhead may be as confused as we are. Most have changed or are changing as we speak into their spawning colors. Normally when tributaries blew out in March, the first runs were bright silver fish that were out in the open lake and now suddenly they are entering the tributaries.


This season because of the thaws/freezing, most of the fish are dark. This does not change how they take, or how much fun they are to catch, but it does tell me that once they hit the spawning grounds they will get the job done quick and then “Haste-la-vista-baby”, they will drop-back to the Great Lakes as fast as they shot up. So, if you live steelheading, make sure to take advantage of every mild day the lower tributary sections are open.

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