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YES-TV, Sat. Dec.30, 2017, 10:30 am, NEW Canadian Sportfishing TV series, Cold-water Bass.

Posted on 29-Dec-2017
Sat., Dec.30, 2017, 10:30 am join Italo and his guest Mike Williams as they use finesse fishing techniques to catch cold water Bass. You can watch most of our TV shows and video tips by going to our Italo Labignan YouTube channel . If you enjoy our TV shows and tips make sure to subscribe to our channel and receive notifications every time we post a new video!

YES-TV, Sat. Sept.30, 2017, 10:30 am, NEW Canadian Sportfishing TV series, Fall Bass Fishing.

Posted on 29-Sep-2017
Sat., Sept.30, 2017, 10:30 am join Italo & his guest Mike Williams as they show you how to locate and catch bass as waters cool in the fall. You can watch most of our TV shows and video tips by going to our Italo Labignan YouTube channel . If you enjoy our TV shows and tips make sure to subscribe to our channel and receive notifications every time we post a new video!

Buckhorn Lake Walleye TV shoot!

Posted on 23-May-2017
I had the pleasure again of working with guide/tournament angler Mike Williams and Duane Jacobs on beautiful Buckhorn Lake, ON just before the long weekend. Strong winds made it very challenging to fish large weed-flats in the middle of the lake.  Peter Yeung captured this excellent action-shot (below) working the electric, eyes on the Raymarine and coping with the strong winds. g3_electric Thanks to the Motorguide Xi5 we were able to "'spot-anchor" off-and-on to enable us to fish the exact locations where the heavier weeds met the smaller new growth. That was the pattern the produced consistently even in tough wind conditions. DF-LandingPage-7Pro The Raymarine Dragonfly Pro7 series was amazing to show us the weedlines and even fish cruising by. Not all the fish were active, but the ones that were fell for the twitch-bait being worked just off the weeds! slot_walleye We landed walleye ranging from 12", right up to 26". As most of you know there is a slot limit in place on the Kawartha Lakes and any fish outside of the slow have to be handled carefully, and released quickly.  Even though we landed several fish in the slot, all fish were released unharmed. g3_runnig This was my first opportunity to fish out of the new G3 Angler V17SF and I was really impressed with with it's deeper/wider hull, tons of space in the compartments, the large live well, and it's performance with the new Yamaha 4-stroke, in-line 115 hp outboard. Fully loaded the boat had an average top-end speed of 43 mph (definitely faster than last years model), and it handled the wind under electric motor power exquisitely!! Thanks to Peter Yeung for the great running shot & Scotsman Point Cottage Resort shorelines below. scotsman_point_cottage_resort Our home-base was Scotsman Point Cottage Resort on the north-shore of Buckhorn Lake, ON. We stayed in a very comfortable cottage and enjoyed excellent meals. I really like the "fisherman-friendly" main dock and smaller docks that are located in a protective bay just inside the point. While we were there there was a large group of families that stayed there and I was pleasantly surprised to see the kids catching all kinds of panfish off the dock...great place for avid anglers and a family vacation!

Helping two fellow anglers compete in US.

Posted on 18-Oct-2016
I just received a request from a mutual friend if I could help promote a link that is trying to raise funds to help Mike Williams and Duane Jacobs travel and compete in the Toyota Big Bass Team Tournament, Paris, Tennessee. duane_italo_bass I have fished with both Mike and Duane over the last few years and both have been instrumental in helping me produce several very educational TV shows on Pigeon and Buckhorn Lakes (Upper & Lower). Those TV shows are in-turn helping many anglers to catch more fish in the Kawarthas!! They are both family men living at the Curve Lake First Nation, Buckhorn Lake. They both compete and win local fishing events every year. I feel this is a good cause to help fellow anglers. They have my support, I hope they will have yours. If you would like to help, go to, .

Mike Williams, Curve Lake First Nations.

Posted on 07-Feb-2016
I've had the pleasure of shooting a few shows with Mike Williams who is a professional tournament anglers and operates Williams Outfitters. If you want to learn the "scoop" on catching a variety of fish in the various Kawartha Lakes, Mike is a wealth of information and he will share it all with you. mike_williams_standup Here is a video on our Italo Labignan YouTube channel we shot of him, the fishing service he offers and Curve Lake First Nation on Buckhorn Lake, ON. I you enjoy our TV shows and videos, make sure to subscribe to our channel and receive notifications every time we post a new video!

Cold-front largemouth can be tough, but still catchable!

Posted on 07-Oct-2015
As things worked out we had set a couple of days to film footage on catching Kawartha Lakes late-summer bass and unfortunately had to deal with strong winds and really cold weather. That did not stop us from filming. With the help of Mike Williams who is a guide and winning tournament angler as my guest and his tournament team partner Duane Jacobs as camera-boat operator we still managed to catch lots of bass. duane_italo_bass Noticed the waves splashing behind my legs even at the end of the day when we pulled the boats out? Strong winds limited the spots we could fish properly, but worked hard and never lost faith. A couple of times we fished the same productive water hours apart and caught fresh fish that had ventured on to the same intermediate structure/weeds to feed. mike_italo_largemuoth We ended up fishing Pigeon, Buckhorn and Lower Buckhorn Lake and literally had them all to ourselves. The tough conditions did not seem so bad as it felt like we were the only ones on the lake!

Trophy cold-weather smallmouth bass.

Posted on 05-Oct-2015
We had an excellent time filming on the Kawartha Lakes for a couple of days even though the weather was cold and very windy. We fished Pigeon, Buckhorn and Lower Buckhorn Lake and caught some really nice bass. mike_italo_smallie Mike Williams going me on-camera and Duane Jacobs helped in operating the camera boat and also to put us on fish. We caught all of our bass fishing 4" tubes and 4" worms rigged "wacky-style". Most of the fish we caught had already moved off the shorelines and were on their way to deeper water. Rocks and weed-edges produced all our fish in 4-10' of water.

Tough weather, great fishing on Lower Buckhorn.

Posted on 04-Oct-2015
I just came back from filming a couple of late-summer episodes with our good friends Mike Williams and Duane Jacob. Mike was by guest on-camera and guide and Duane helped us out with by putting us on some great fishing spots and operating the camera boat. mike_italo_largemuoth While we filmed on Lower Buckhorn we stayed at Three Castles Resort located right in Buckhorn, ON on the Lower Buckhorn side. I was very impressed with their 17, 1,2, & 3 bedroom cottages located on 1,600 ft of frontage right on the lake. italo_largemouth_net Unfortunately we had 25 km+ north-eastern winds and dropping temperatures that bottomed-out yesterday morning around 0C! This made for very challenging fishing since we could only fish off protected shorelines. We still managed to catch a nice mix of large and smallmouth bass fishing 4" soft-plastic baits rigged on a Gamakatsu 6/0 worm hook with no additional weight. Lower Buckhorn has an excellent fishery all summer long. You won't want to miss this episode when it airs in the new series on WFN. It's full of exciting action and great tips!

Hi ItaloI am trying to find a fishing guide for Stoney Lake in the kawarthas. I was having trouble and was wondering if you knew of anyone? Was hoping to do some fall Muskie fishing. Thanks

Posted on 17-Sep-2015
michael_williams_italo_duane_jacobs Sure do, Mike Williams, he is one of the best! You can reach him through, Williams Outfitters . Some of the best fishing on Stoney Lake, ON will take place from now until Nov.!