Search, locate & catch Smallmouth Bass in rivers.

Posted on September 26th, 2018

Bass fishing can be pretty easy on those days when they are all over the place and you can catch them with almost any presentation. But what happens when they are deeper and you have to be right on top of them to catch them.

italo Patrick smallie tubes blog

This is what I often face when I’m targeting smallmouth bass in large rivers like the Niagara. I know they like to feed at that 16-30′ range, but when you deal with big river systems, that’s a lot of structure break to cover.

spot on the spot

On every outing my goal there is to locate the “spot-on-the-spot”. What I mean by that is that I fish the right depth structure break, but also search for special features like a quick drop-off, or a rock pile that is not marked on the hydrographic chart. The Raymarine Dragonfly7Pro helps me to keep on the right drift track and as soon as I mark a major structure (like the one above), I make a mental note of where it is or I mark it with a GPS point so that I can make drifts over the same area. I usually hook-up just before a major structure outcrop of just after. And I have the feeling the current created by the rocks draws and keeps the bass in “feeding-lanes”.

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