Scotty Downriggers for trolling success.

Posted on July 18th, 2018

I have had the pleasure of downrigger fishing since the mid 80’s and have fished from boats with a variety of downriggers. Even back in the 80’s I remember traveling to fish for Pacific Salmon in BC and seeing boats equipped with Scotty Downriggers and accessories, well 30 yrs later most boats in BC are still running Scotties and so am I for Great Lakes deep-water Salmon & Trout trolling.

scotty downrigger

Scotty Downriggers are Canadian-made in BC, they are simple to use and very reliable. Even though I use a multi-species 17′ G3 Angler, I still mount a Scotty Downrigger on it to fish Lake Ontario.

sunds boat02

Sund’s Lodge, BC where I have produced many TV shows from and continue to fish there also runs Scotty Downriggers on all their boats. Main reason Scotty Downriggers are so popular…..dependability!

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