Saugeen River, ON Update.

Posted on October 31st, 2009

wayne_sheridan_graphicWayne Sheridan reports.  River levels continue to fluctuate on the Grey-Bruce Rivers. Fishing is hit and miss right now, with Owen Sound and Southhampton being the best bets. There are a few small rainbows hanging around the Maitland River, but levels are low and clear. The steelhead are very spooky. A nice fast melting snow will increase steelhead activity. Best time for fishing is noon.

River Flow Rates: moderate but will increase with weekday rains

Saugeen River (Durham) dropping at 1.34M, Saugeen River (Walkerton) fluctuating at 9.5M, Saugeen River (Port Elgin) down at 7.8M, Sauble River (Sauble Falls) down at 0.73 Sydenham River (Owen Sound) down at 4.97, Maitland River (above Wingham) dropping at 9.9, French River at Woseley Bay rising at 187.4M, Credit River at Streetsville steady at 4.5, Credit River at Orangeville down at 11.22M, Grand River (Doon), rising at 4.13 (below Shand dam) dropping at 1.65

Prime Fishing Times: Saturday October 31st:  10:05pm to 12:57am (moon overhead), 9:52am to 12:28pm (moon underneath).

Great Lakes: Lake Superior, 30-40ft, Lake Michigan 40-60ft, Lake Ontario 40-80ft, Lake Huron 40-80ft, Lake Erie 50ft. Best locations near river mouths. Great Lakes and other lakes are now experiencing turn over. Salmon and trout will hold in water pockets of water near baitfish. Best baits; Lyman’s in blue and white. Also pink Lyman’s. Remember to recharge with a flashlight. Spoons, body baits, cracked ice and monkey puke. Use Lyman’s, cleos, spinners, and roe when fishing from the bank.

Saugeen conditions: moderate, tea colored water, 12C, and visibility Saugeen River, 6ft.

For more info., you can contact Wayne at, brntrout@golden.net .

Or you can visit Wayne at http://www.canadianangling.com .

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