Saugeen River, ON Tributary Update.

Posted on November 29th, 2009

wayne_sheridan_graphicWayne Sheridan reports: Warmer than normal fall weather continues to hang around southern Ontario. Fog is still an early morning challenge for most drivers and commuters. Rain this past week has raised river levels and dirtied the water. This will improve fishing opportunities around river mouths. Best bet for the Grey-Bruce is Owen Sound. A warm fall has put everything behind by about two weeks. Lakes have started their fall turnover, so fish will be holding in warmer pockets of water, near baitfish. Be careful around river and lake shores, ice will form on the banks overnight once it cools down again, later next week. Best bait is minnow lures as most of the minnows have gone to their winter hibernation locations.

River Flow Rates: moderate

Saugeen River (Durham) fluctuating at 1.31M, Saugeen River (Walkerton) rising at 9.55M, Saugeen River (Port Elgin) rising at 7.74M, Sauble River (Sauble Falls) rising at .95, Sydenham River (Owen Sound) rising at 4.97, Maitland River (above Wingham) rising at 9.9, French River at Woseley Bay steady at 187.7M, Credit River at Streetsville steady at 4.48, Credit River at Orangeville rising at 10.9M, Grand River (Doon), steady at 3.8 (below Shand dam) steady at 1.47

Prime Fishing Times: Saturday November 28th:  7:37pm to 10:39pm (moon overhead), 7:23am to 10:09am (moon underneath).

Saugeen conditions: moderate, tan colored water, 4C, and visibility Saugeen River, 4ft.

For more info., you can contact Wayne at, brntrout@golden.net .

Or you can visit Wayne at http://www.canadianangling.com .

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