Saugeen River, ON Report.

Posted on July 23rd, 2009

wayne_sheridan_graphicWayne Sheridan reports. Cool wet weather continues to change the fishing conditions in southern Ontario. We went fishing at Wilmer Ponds, just north of Durham, on our vacation and had a great time.

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They have a new bass pond and fish average from 1 to 4lbs. The bass put up a great fight. We noticed that the fish were holding close to the shore. We also fished the trout pond and saw some real nice rainbow trout.

We also went fishing in Ayton (south Saugeen River) and when we arrived we could smell that a skunk was in the area. This did prove to be prophetic, as the bass, pike, catfish, were uncooperative. The bass were jumping in the weed shallows, just beyond our casting distance. The pike and catfish must have been sleeping. We did notice that the weed areas were not as developed at they usually are. This is due to the cold summer. Everything is about 3 weeks behind normal development still. Trout remain active in most of the rivers.

River Flow Rates: moderate

Saugeen River (Durham) up at 1.27M, Saugeen River (Walkerton) up at 9.65M, Saugeen River (Port Elgin) up at 7.8M, Sauble River (Sauble Falls) up at 0.89M, Sydenham River (Owen Sound) up at 5.0M, Maitland River (above Wingham) up at 10.05M, French River at Woseley Bay 186.3M, Credit River at Streetsville up at 4.5M, Credit River at Orangeville steady at 11.3M, Grand River (Doon), steady at 4.3M (below Shand dam) steady at 1.8M.

Prime Fishing Times: Saturday July 25th, 2009: 3:30pm to 5:38pm (moon overhead), 2:54am to 5:24am (moon underneath).

Great Lakes: Lake Superior, 30-40ft, Lake Michigan 50-90ft, Lake Ontario 100-150ft, Lake Huron 90-150ft, Lake Erie 50ft. Best baits; Lymans, spoons: body baits, cracked ice and monkey puke

Fly Fishing: Grey Fox, Sulphur Dun, Green Drake, Hex, and various caddis

Saugeen conditions:  moderate, tea colored water, 17C, and visibility Saugeen River, 4ft.

For more info., you can contact Wayne at, brntrout@golden.net , or you can visit Wayne at http://www.canadianangling.com .

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