Saugeen River, ON fishing update.

Posted on June 11th, 2018

Wayne Sheridan reports. Hot and dry weather conditions dropped the level of the Saugeen River by about 1 ft this past week but heavy rains have now returned the levels to normal. Water temperatures also warmed up quickly and we saw clumps of algae floating down the river. There were many vacationers enjoying the river this past weekend, either by canoe or tubes or swimming. The river was very active. We watched this nice 3lb male brown trout sun tanning in the backwash, after the bridge, for about 15 minutes. Some kids tried to catch him but had no luck. Brown trout are now feeding at dusk, through the night, and early morning.

Best times to fish Saturday June 9, 2018: 8:17am to 10:43am, 8:40pm to 11:08pm

Flyfishing: minnow, white dun and assorted Mayflies, red worm imitations, caddis

Good luck fishing

Always Fish Safely

Wayne Sheridan

Canadian Angling

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