Saugeen River, ON and area fishing upate.

Posted on May 1st, 2013

 Wayne Sheridan reports: Fishing was definitely a challenge for many of us on the opening weekend of trout season. This included my buddies and me. While the river had dropped back into its banks again, the current was really fast. When the river flooded the week before, any worms or insects that lived near the river bank were flooded out of their homes and flushed downstream to the waiting mouths of the trout. All the fish caught were stuffed full of food from this. They weren’t hungry; they just reacted out of instinct.

It was also amazing how quickly the water visibility cleared from muddy conditions to crystal clear in 1 week. The fish adapted to the conditions and we had to adapt to where they would be holding and feeding. There were some nice brown trout caught in the park and we lost a nice small one.

River Flow Rates: high and fast. Visibility mud coloured, 5ft.

River Levels: Saugeen River (above Durham) at 1.453M, Saugeen River (Walkerton) at 10.327M, Saugeen at Port Elgin at 8.523M, Sauble River (Sauble Falls) at 1.482M, Sydenham River (Owen Sound) at 5.228M, Maitland River (above Wingham) down at 10.357M, French River at Woseley Bay at 188.149M, Bronte Creek near Zimmerman 6.099M, Credit River at Streetsville at 4.687M, Credit River at Orangeville at 11.249M, Grand River (Doon) at 4.174M (below Shand dam) at 1.609M, Rideau River at Ottawa at 3.037M, Ottawa River at Britannia at 59.757M

Prime Fishing Times: Saturday May 4th, 2013: 8:03 am to 10:05 am (moon overhead) and 8:28 pm to 10:30 pm (moon underneath).

Flyfishing: Roe, red blood worm, crayfish and minnow. For steelhead: very small roe bag with only 3-4 eggs for steelhead in the river mouths.

Great Lakes Fishing: Best bet is Lyman lures, monkey puke and herring colours. Use larger lures to imitate the baitfish. Rapala, Blue Fox & Luhr Jensen spoons..

Always Fish Safely

Wayne Sheridan

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