Saugeen River Fishing Report.

Posted on August 7th, 2009

Wayne Sheridan reports.  Heavy rains on Tuesday have quickly raised river levels in southern Ontario.  Some streams and smaller rivers are experiencing some flooding. Be careful around these streams and smaller rivers until they stabilize. Trout fishing is still very good in most of the rivers and bass fishing is still a little slow. Cooler weather still is hanging around, especially cool nights. This year will be remembered as the year that summer never arrived in southern Ontario.

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We went fishing in the campground (Saugeen Cedars Family Campground), last weekend. We were down to our last piece of worm, when this beautiful big rainbow hit. The fight lasted about 10 minutes with my noodle rod bent in half and the reel screaming.

River Flow Rates: moderate

Saugeen River (Durham) dropping at 1.21M, Saugeen River (Walkerton) fluctuating at 9.3M, Saugeen River (Port Elgin) dropping at 7.5M, Sauble River (Sauble Falls) down at 0.81M, Sydenham River (Owen Sound) down at 4.89M, Maitland River (above Wingham) down at 9.9M, French River at Woseley Bay dropping at 187M, Credit River at Streetsville up at 4.8M, Credit River at Orangeville up at 11.2M, Grand River (Doon), steady at 4.1M (below Shand Dam) steady at 1.64M.

Prime Fishing Times: Saturday August 8th, 2009: 1:51am to 3:49am (moon overhead), 2:18pm to 4:54pm (moon underneath). Full moon August 5, 2009.

Great Lakes: Lake Superior, 30-40ft, Lake Michigan 50-90ft, Lake Ontario 100-150ft, Lake Huron 90-150ft, Lake Erie 50ft. Best baits; Lymans, spoons: body baits, cracked ice and monkey puke

Fly Fishing: Hex, Iso, Trico, yellow stonefly and various caddis (especiallymolted)

Saugeen conditions:  moderate, tea colored water, 17C, and visibility Saugeen River, 3ft.

For more info. you can contact Wayne at, brntrout@golden.net , or you can visit Wayne at http://www.canadianangling.com .

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