Santoro is King of Kings!

Posted on June 20th, 2014

santoro_salmon01This past weekend was the first leg of the annual Tightlines Shootout Series held out of Bluffers Park Marina in Scarborough.  With the lack of warm air and consistent temperature this spring it has made it challenging to stay on top of the Chinook salmon that roam the shores of lake Ontario like packs of hyenas. This was evident in our pre-fish leading up to the tournament, where we struggled to get to the bites we knew it would take to emerge victorious come Saturday. After only managing three mature salmon in two days of pre-fish, doubt was starting to sink in. Our game plan was simple, fish the out skirts of large school of bait fish that sat atop a ledge with deep water deep water close by that salmon would use to ambush the alewife. Matching the hatch we went with cut herring strips deployed in the Trigger X bait head and to keep from losing any fish we stuck these big salmon with No. 1 2X trebles from Gamakatsu.  Keeping these rigs together we went with 30lb Suffix fluorocarbon.  Another key to our success was getting these baits far deeper than the other 50+ competitors buy using our downriggers to reach depths below 100+ feet. While bites were hard to come by in days leading up to the tournament our day started off fast and furious and we were able to capitalize our chances and put ourselves in a position to win.

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