Salmon eggs for tributary fishing.

Posted on November 6th, 2016

I just returned from fishing/filming some of the top Terrace, BC rivers for trophy steelhead and Coho salmon.  Our home base was Kitimat Lodge and our guide, owner Tracey Hittel. From the lodge we could fish a handful of tributaries within an hours drive.We fished a variety of techniques using jet & drift boats to reach fish holding waters and than waded the shorlines and drifted with a float/salmon eggs to catch our fish.

IMG_5018 coho_treasure

I have been using salmon and trout eggs for steelheading for over 45 yrs. and one thing that amazes me every time I fish in BC tributaries is how how brilliant their native salmon eggs are. You can see in the image above their rich color. These eggs are naturally colored this way, no die was added.


Two very popular ways to treat fresh salmon eggs is to rinse them, let them air dry slightly than either use powdered Borax or Pro-Cure Origianl Egg Cure . Both work well. The advantage of the Pro-Cure is that you can die the eggs in specific colors which can be beneficial when fishing for specific fish species in varying water clarity conditions.



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