Safe Boating Awareness Week May 21-27th, 2011

Posted on April 26th, 2011
SmartBoater.ca’s Ready, Set, Inflate
Last year, there were 78 Ready Set Inflate events across North America with 1,154 people inflating their inflatable lifejackets as part of a world record setting attempt.  It was a great way to attract the media and stress the importance of wearing a lifejacket. 
The 2010 number inflated to 1,569 when 415 Australians inflated their lifejackets at the Sydney International Boat Show.  When England heard how much fun we had last year, they jumped at the chance to be included this year!
With our 2010 benchmark set and more countries eager to join us, Ready, Set, Inflate is poised to blow last year’s record out of the water…and you can be part of the fun!
The 2011 Ready Set Inflate event will be hosted in Canada by SmartBoater.ca to launch North American Safe Boating Awareness Week which runs from May 21st to May 27th, 2011 just in time to kick off the new boating season.
Whether you and a buddy get together in your backyard with your lifejackets or everyone in your organization gathers together for a mammoth event, be part of the fun for this World Record Lifejacket Inflation.  Find out more by clicking on the Ready Set Inflate link at www.smartboater.ca  or contact ian@smartboater.ca directly.
North American Safe Boating Awareness Week
Since 2003, as representatives of Boating Safety Organizations, you  have been helping the Canadian Safe Boating Council deliver boating safety messaging to recreational boaters at the beginning of each season.     In 2010, you helped us achieve over 75 MILLION media impressions across the country through television, radio and newspapers. WOW!
In 2010, there were 133 boating related fatalities across Canada, so we still have our work cut out for us.  This year, we’re looking for your help once again to deliver our key messaging during Safe Boating Awareness week, May 21st-27th, 2011.
That messaging includes:
• Wear a PFD
• Don’t Drink & Boat
• Take a Boating Course
• Be Prepared (Both you and your vessel)
• Beware of the Dangers of Cold Water Immersion
As in previous years, we have plenty of audio, video and print materials that you can use when approaching your local Community TV, Radio and Community Newspapers. We even have a Volunteer E-Guide in both French and English to guide you along step-by-step to make things really easy.
To participate as a volunteer, please send an email to ian@smartboater.ca.   Visit www.smarboater.ca and click on the North American Safe Boating Awareness Week link at the bottom of that web page to learn more.
Get involved with SmartBoater.ca’s Ready, Set, Inflate and North American Safe Boating Awareness Week.  Together we can make the start of this boating season meaningful and fun while promoting boating safety!
Ian Gilson
Boating Safety Manager

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