Roe bag size matters for steelhead.

Posted on April 17th, 2016

Steelheaders know that paying attention to details can really make a difference when you are steelhead fishing. Color of water, flow-rate, size of float, number of split-shot sinkers, size of hook, lb test of leader, leader length, all play an important role.


But, don’t forget the importance of roe bag size and color. Matt Cory of TopSet Sport Fishing sent us this image of a colorful Niagara male steelhead that could not resist a roe bag. Remember that if the water it turbid larger bags work well in the “nickel” diameter. If the water is clear, “dime” diameter bags can work well and even smaller. Also remember that if you down-size your roe bag, you should also down-size your hook and possibly even your leader.

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