Rice Lake Musky.

Posted on October 19th, 2016

This is no fish story. Here is how Zach Anderson landed his trophy Rice Lake Musky as recounted by his Dad Kam.

“We were fishing on Rice at my parents cottage and we were just making our last trolling pass of the year and Zach was using a Rapala Trolls-To 10ft perch colored when he says,  “Dad I’m snagged.”  So I turn the boat around and he tells me the snag is pulling back.  Right away I knew what it was and after a 15min battle with Dad coaching (seeing as he wanted to tighten his drag), which I advised against and an expert landing net job by world’s best net man (I have never missed one yet), he had his first musky and he was pretty excited.


There was no way he was getting off unless he broke the 20lb braid he had on and the fact that it was half way down his throat and without the proper tools I successfully removed what was left of the lure. It was chewed up and lost one of the trebles but without any injury to both parties after a few pics we revived it a let him be on his way and it was at least 15lbs and he can fight another day. “

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