Resident Brown Trout.

Posted on May 26th, 2018

Did you know that all the Brown Trout throughout the world originated from Germany? They have and now anglers enjoy fishing for them from North America to South America, throughout Europe and more.

Browns have had the reputation of being the “smartest” trout. I don’t know about that. I think they just have well developed senses and in clear water can be very spooky and tough to catch. Most anglers do the best targeting them after a rain when the water is off-color, much like the conditions that are ideal for steelheading.

20180514puneet saini brown

Puneet Saini who has really caught the fishing bug targets Brown Trout in northern India almost every day. Back when the British ruled India they stocked both Brown and Rainbow trout in many of the Himalayan streams. Today there are a few aquaculture farms in the same region and the Brown Trout are doing well.

20180514puneet saini brown hand

Puneet fly fishes for them and also uses artificial lures. Among his favorite are the Rapala CD and Original in the smaller sizes and small spinners and spoons. When the Steelhead are back in the Great Lakes, a good alternative is to chase those resident Brown Trout in the headwaters of the same tributaries.

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