Resident Brown Trout action.

Posted on May 12th, 2020

I grew up fishing small streams in southern Ontario looking for resident Brown Trout that surpassed 12″ in length. At the time I mostly fished small garden worms on a small hook and split-shot sinker. Today anglers are catching much bigger resident Browns using artificials like trout egg imitations when they are targeting “post-spawn steelhead” and also on a variety of other hard-plastic or metal lures.

John Walkington has been doing well fishing the smaller size Rapala X-Rap which has a tantalizing action especially produced by the “hackle-treble” at the end of the lure.

Larger Brown trout definitely get a taste for smaller trout and a variety of baifish that common in their stream.

A small spinner like the Vibrax #1 & #2 also work well for working tight places like undercut banks, log-jams and around submurged tree roots.

Lastly, when I have fished fast water areas where brown are holding behind rocks or in deeper open runs, one of my favorite lures to use is a Rapala Countdown in the smaller CD3 or CD4 size.

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