Remember this Steelhead/Trout/Salmon bait combination?

Posted on November 10th, 2016

I have been tributary steelhead and trout fishing for over 45 yrs. and in that span I have seen anglers do well on many bait and lures. Chris Morgan sent us these beautiful catches while fishing with Alyia where they fished an interesting bait combination.


It’s a night-crawler injected with air and a mini-marshmallow fished on the bottom. Does it work, only throughout the great lakes and even on the west-coast!


While many of us like to drift-fish, bottom fishing with a set line by either using a floating roe bag on a sliding-sinker rig, or this combination can really work well when you are waiting for fish to pass by and intercept your bait, especially when fishing harbour mouths and the lower sections of tributaries!

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