Recent Rains producing consistent Resident Brown Trout Fishing.

Posted on April 29th, 2009

While many anglers are targeting larger migratory rainbow trout that are finishing their spawning runs in most of the Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, & Lake Huron tributary streams, other anglers have their sites set on catching early-season resident brown trout.  Most of the major tributaries have healthy populations of resident brown trout in their upper-reaches.  Most anglers don’t like the challenge of blazing trails through heavy brush, but that’s what it takes to find good-size, elusive resident brown trout.  Successful anglers normally catch their fish where other anglers seldom fish.  The recent rains we had mid-week created turbid head-water conditions which stimulated resident browns to move out of their “concealment areas” (under-cut banks, log-jams, roots from trees growing along streams, etc.), to feed in the open-runs and pool, which made them much easier to locate and catch.




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