Ready to film a great Walleye TV show at Red Pine Lodge, ON.

Posted on August 14th, 2009

As my wife Barbara and I prepare for our departure to Red Pine Lodge on Lady Evelyn Lake, ON I’m getting the last items ready on our G3 boat and getting all the fishing gear loaded in.  This will be our first major road-trip in Ontario, a 7-8 hr. drive to about 100 miles north of North Bay to reach Red Pine Lodge.  So many southern-Ontario anglers ask me about good spots to go to that are drivable, and a reasonable distance away.  Well, Red Pine Lodge is my most recent addition to the list of excellent drive to wilderness fishing locations.  Just to reaffirm the quality of this fishing lodge, I’m going to let one of Barbara’s fellow worker summarize his trip their.  The gentleman’s name is Andrew Chessel , and he had the pleasure at fishing Lady Evelyn Lake with his Dad and son.  Here’s his account of their trip;

“I ended up going to Red Pine Lodge on Lady Evelyn Lake.  It was not to long of a drive we left Toronto at 4:30am and arrived at Mowatts Landing around 1pm (we stopped off for gas and lunch and did drove the speed limit).   At first I was a bit nervous because the guys at the landing had as much alcohol as fishing gear.  But once we started talking with them, I learned they were going to a different camp, and where a bit derogatory with Red Pine because they thought they charge too much. Well they are right it does cost a few dollars more to stay there compared with other outfits, but the extra services and the food they served was amazing!  Since it was a bit more money everyone that came to the lodge where good guys and I had no problem with them in front of my son Adam. The lodge owners Janice and James run a great lodge, fresh minnows and worm’s everyday, brand new 20hp 4 stroke motors. Everything they did also centered on nature, they did not rape and pillage the wilderness to make money. They had a great fishing guide Ryan who filleted all the fish caught, that way the slot size was more enforced.

The fishing was unbelievable, we caught over 100 walleye over the week, the average being 1.5 pounds, but lots where over 20 inches. The pike were a bit harder to catch but we got around 6, even landed 2 nice size whitefish. One day we went up to the Muskego Falls and caught small brook trout.

The picture of Adam and the Walleye sums up his feelings towards the trip, my Dad had a great time also he shows everybody his pictures. The price well was not bad, in the end you get what you paid for, so it was a bit on the high side but in turn-out that so were the services.

All in all had a great time, definitely I would go back! “

Glad you had a great trip Andrew.  By the way, Ryan will be our guide also and he has already filled me in on the fishing details and results….they are catching lot’s of walleye and we will be ready for them.

If you would like to enjoy a drive-to wilderness fishing adventure, you can contact Red Pine Lodge at, http://www.redpinelodge.com/ .

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