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Posted on March 14th, 2011
Ready Set Lifejacket Inflation
Ready Set Lifejacket Inflation

Ready Set Inflate made history in 2010 and is pumped about doing it again. 
1,569 people made their mark last year with an inflation to highlight the importance of wearing lifejackets.  Be part of this year’s Ready Set Inflate by joining an event or creating your own. 

The 2nd Annual Ready Set Inflate World Record Lifejacket Inflation attempt will be held on Saturday, May 21st, at the start of North American Safe Boating Awareness Week.

Anglers know the importance of having the right equipment when they head out for a day of fishing.  You can show it by joining us for this year’s World Record Lifejacket Inflation.
All you need to be a part of the Ready Set Inflate event are people, inflatable lifejackets (or inherently buoyant ones), a photo of the participants and the names of the people involved. 
Find out more by clicking on the Ready Set Inflate link at www.smartboater.ca
Make your mark in history by joining in this year’s event.

Dog inflatable
Dog inflatable

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