Raymarine wreck-snapper.

Posted on May 13th, 2018

Catching larger Gulf snapper is no easy task. Literally anyone can catch smaller snapper, but to catch the 2-5lb snapper you have to have plenty of chum bags on-board, small 1/4 oz. jigs and downsize your line to 20 lb,. test or lighter.


Bigger snapper are tough to catch right off the bottom. They are weary to take a bit off a weighed. The key is to get them up off the bottom feeding on the suspended chum.


This is done best from an anchored position right over a wreck where the snapper live. You can see in our featured image the group of snapper suspended between the wreck and the surface. Sometimes if the water is flat, you can draw the snapper off the bottom right to the surface. Best presentation is to use a small piece of fresh, dead shrimp on the light jighead and allow it to drift with the tide in the chum line right to the feeding snapper!

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