Raymarine weedline walleye.

Posted on September 12th, 2016

It never ceases to amaze me how accurate the CHIRP DownVision is on the Raymarine fishfinders. Not only does it show me bottom, weeds, structure and fish, but it gives me the maximum detail to “understand” exactly what the size/height of the weeds are growing on the bottom so I can maximize by presentation and keep my lure in the high-percentage “strike-zone”.

Dump010 weeds_baitfish

In the above screen-grab you can see weeds growing in 12′ of water all the way up to about the 6′ weed mark. Above the weeds is a scattered school of small fish. In this situation we know they were small perch because we caught them while targetting walleye & pike and saw little pods of small perch following our jigs/plastic grubs.

Dump007 weeds_current


In the above screen-grab you can see one single cluster of weeds at the 13′ mark. This was our “strike-zone” weedline that produced all our walleye & pike. Notice that the clump of weeds are off at an angle, we knew we were dealing with a slight underwater current which added in attracting feeding walleye to the weedline.

Dump008 walleye_offweedline

This last image showing a walleye as a “horizontal” mark which means it was crusing and looking to feed right along the weeds, and we caught it!!

IMG_4376 jackitalo_walleye

I talk to so many anglers that get frustrated fishing weedlines & just catching weeds. With Raymarine you can stack the odds in your favor and catch walleye instead of weeds!


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