Raymarine understanding fish marks in wavy conditions.

Posted on October 19th, 2015

I had a chance to fish Lake Ontario for some late-summer bass and encountered wavy conditions. We still managed to catch quite a few smallmouth up to 5lb. using our Raymarine fishfinders.


I wanted to share the above image so you would see how the Raymarine Dragonfly shows bottom structure and fish in wavy conditions. The “waves” of the bottom and the horizontal fish mark is due to the boat bouncing up and down. The bottom is actually relatively flat. In the screen-grab above you can even see the wave-surges on the surface! When you see that “wiggly” mark just off the bottom, it’s a bass and get ready for a strike!


Flat water or waves, the Raymarine fishfinders consistently work well to show you bottom structure and fish!


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