Raymarine tracks “Fish Wars”.

Posted on September 3rd, 2016

I have seen some amazing sights with my Raymarine HybridTouch fishfinder, but the image bellow takes-the-cake. I had to take a screen grab of what I call “Fish Wars.” It’s the image of a school of baitfish in 51′ of water being attacked by gamefish that are going under, through, and over them like fighter-jets.

Dump011 wreck_baitfishschool_gamefishfeeding

When we saw this image on the screen we also heard loud “boils” and “splashes” on the surface and witnessed first-had saltwater gamefish chasing straggler baitfish and even spotted several gamefish actually grab and swim away with the baitfish hanging out both sides of their mouth. Raymarine truly gives you unmatched DownVision resolution!

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